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Wildlife Services

Don't Let Unwanted Wildlife Invade Your Home.

Wildlife can be a big problem when they are in places they don't belong—mainly your home and property. Let Squish Pest Control get rid of those pesky critters for you.

Raccoon Searching in Garbage

Remove Unwanted Wildlife

Urban Wildlife | Trapping, Removal, and Management | Urban IPM | Inspection, Identification, and Analysis | Sanitation | Exclusion | Trapping and/or Removing Offending Animals

Your home doesn't have to be theirs.

Don't let the critters become a nuisance in your yard. Let our professional team eradicate the problem animal. From raccoons and possums to squirrels and skunks, we'll be ready to remove the problem for you.

We can also provide you with quality insect removal, rodent removal, and commercial pest services.