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Salem and Portland Bird Control


How to Identify A Bird Problem

Birds may seem like sweet, pretty animals to have around. There are many different species of bird, but all have wings, feathers, and a beak. Many species sing beautiful songs or enthrall us with their many colors. We’re sure that everyone reading this is familiar with at least one bird species. But these animals can also become a major bird nuisance, especially if you provide them with plentiful food sources. You may now be wondering if you have a bird problem. To determine if birds have become a problem at your Waldorf home or business, look for signs of damage and a lot of bird droppings or feathers. Nuisance birds will number more than one or two. You will likely see tens if not hundreds of them around. You may also notice nests and bird damage around your Waldorf home. If this is the case, you need to immediately call in professional bird control services like Barefoot Pest Control.

Why You Might Have A Bird Problem

Since pest birds in Waldorf are looking for places to call home by building nests. Nests are typically made up of a number of different products like leaves, twigs, and/or mud. In order to make the best nests, bird look for wooded areas with a lot of trees. If you also have awnings or openings into the safety of an attic, then a bird infestation may be imminent because these are birds’ preferred nesting areas. Additionally, a good fruit grower who specializes in cherries or other sugar fruits may find themselves with bird control problems. Fruits and the insects that feed on them are to build their nests. Certain types of birds will make nests on exposed supports on porches and garages.

Reasons To Treat Your Bird Problem Immediately

Some bird species can become a nuisance by causing property damage when building their nests, wrecking your garden for worms, grubs, and vegetation, and leaving behind unsightly and corrosive droppings all over your home and car. Droppings are not the only things that birds leave behind, as their feathers, too, end up everywhere in your house and yard. Also, too many birds can be a serious health risk to you and your family. Some species are known to spread many serious diseases, including West Nile virus which can cause severe harm to you and your family. There are a lot of different possible bird control methods, but your best option is prevention. Prevention instead of removal is a good idea for homeowners, and there are many DIY methods homeowners can employ (like hanging CDs from trees or using a decoy as a way to scare birds), which can help prevent birds. You could also keep or attract predators that hunt birds like cats. The best bird management solution, however, is to call in a professional company that specializes in pest control services like Barefoot Pest Control. Waldorf bird removal should be handled by a professional bird removal technician because many bird species are protected, and they can spread many harmful diseases. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to remove, trap or shoot problem birds yourself. Local, professional Waldorf bird removal technicians will humanely and efficiently tackle your bird problem. We get the birds out of your home, so that you can enjoy them stress-free.
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Josh from squish pest has been helping keep us ant free for a couple of yrs now and they are amazing always helpful if something comes up or we have any questions. Prices very reasonable. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of pest control.

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Great locally owned service. Reliable response times. Friendly service techs.

  • January 17th, 2019

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