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Title: How to Keep Rodents Out of Your House This Fall

Some rodents, like mice, may look cute. And, some rodents, like rats, are despised. But, no matter the type of rodent, you want to them stay out of your Salem and Portland home this fall. Rodents in your home are never a good thing as they can spread disease, contaminate food, and chew on wires.

Rodents love the temperate climate in Oregon, which is why it is so important to take steps to keep them out of your home this fall. Below we offer our top five tips to do just that.

Top four tips for keeping rodents out of your house this fall

1. Be careful with food

Rodents enter you Salem and Portland home because they are looking for three things: shelter, water, and food. It is the last item on that list that will most often bring in rodents. If they have easy access to food in your house, they will just keep coming. The best way to secure your food is by putting it in plastic or otherwise secure containers. Also, always clean up food from your counters and in your sink.

2. Remove water sources

Another thing that rodents need is water. Fall is a great time to check in with any leaks or drips from your pipes and drains. This will cut off the rodents from water sources, which will keep them out of your home.

And, actually, fixing leaky pipes and drains is extremely helpful in general. So, with this step not only are you making your home unattractive to rodents, but you are also performing much-needed maintenance.

3. Remove leaves from around your home

Fall is a great time in Oregon, with the amazing color on the trees. But, while you can enjoy the fall color, try not to let those leaves pile up by your home. In order to discourage rodents from coming to your home, you should clean your gutters of leaves regularly and remove them from your yard. Piles of leaves and debris provide shelter and security for rodents. If they don’t have that, they will leave your home alone.

4. Call Squish Pest Control

If the above steps do not seem to be working—i.e. rodents are still coming into your home. Or if you want the security of knowing that your home will be safe from rodents all winter long, call Squish Pest Control. We have over twelve years of experience in pest control, so you know that we can get the job done.

Contact Squish Pest Control today and you will be amazed at our same-day service and a free quote. Our fully trained and licensed staff are ready and able to keep rodents from your home this fall. Let us secure your home from rodents this fall so that you can live your life. And remember, results are 100% guaranteed with Squish Pest Control, so on the off-chance that rodents do invade your home, call us back, and we will be happy to come back out and remove them from your Salem and Portland home for good.

Title: Top Five Reasons to Hire Squish Pest Control

If you have pests in your Salem and Portland home and yard, you need to find the best pest control service around to take care of them. You should choose Squish Pest Control. Yes, this may make us sound a little biased. But, Squish Pest Control provides the most extensive and efficient pest control around the Salem and Portland area.

Don’t believe us? Below you will find the five top reasons for hiring Squish Pest Control for your next pest problem discussed in depth.

Why Squish Pest Control?

1. Same day service

Here at Squish Pest Control, we pride ourselves in providing same day service for all of your pest control needs. Our same day services come at no extra charge to you. Additionally, we offer evening and weekend appointments at no extra charge as well.

Here at Squish Pest Control, we know that you are busy. That is why we offer the most convenient and flexible pest control service in the Salem and Portland area.

2. 12 years of experience

When you’re trying to get rid of a pest problem, you need the most experienced company in the business. At Squish pest Control we have over twelve years of experience in the pest control industry. And, don’t discount the decades of combined knowledge in our technicians as well.

All of that experience means that we know the best ways to exterminate pests and protect your home without having to come out multiple times. We also continue to remain up to date on the most cutting edge pest control techniques and products. So, you always know that an experienced and professional technician has shown up at your home when you see the Squish Pest Control uniform.

3. Commercial and Residential pest control options

Squish Pest Control is a versatile pest control company. We offer commercial and residential pest control services. Thus, it doesn’t matter if it is your home or your office that has the pest problem, we are happy to help.

4. Home protection plan

In addition to our one-off pest control appointments, Squish Pest Control offers a Home Protection Plan. This is a seasonal service that protects your home no matter the weather. As we all know, Oregon is a very temperate place to live, which means that a lot of pests stick around the whole year.

If you don’t want to worry about pests in your home, work, or yard all year, then you need to choose the Home Protection Plan by Squish Pest Control. As a part of this plan, we will come to your home four times a year to spray for that season’s pests. Plus, if you have a pest problem in between our appointments, we will come out and fix it for you as well.

5. Experts in wildlife pest control as well

Many pest control companies only have the expertise to handle common household pests. But, not Squish Pest Control. We can protect your home and business against household pests as well as wildlife. Birds, opossums, raccoons, skunks, snakes, and squirrels are just some of the wild animals that we can remove. It is true, then, Squish Pest Control does it all.

Our customer service agents are standing by for your call. If you have a pest control problem in Salem or Portland, OR, contact Squish Pest Control today.

Title: How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

Wildlife is wonderful. In the wild. No one wants wildlife in their Salem or Portland home. By wildlife, we do not just mean deer and raccoons, but also birds, squirrels, and other rodents. Essentially anything that should remain outside can be considered wildlife.

Oregon is known for its wildlife, so if you want to keep wildlife out of your home, you need to read this article. In it, we will lay out the best steps for keeping all wildlife out of your Salem and Portland home. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Should I Keep Wildlife Out of My Home?

Okay, we know the answer to this question is probably self-evident. However, it is worth mentioning why you need to keep wildlife out of your Salem and Portland home.

The biggest reason is that most wildlife can spread disease. Rodents, especially, are known for their ability to make humans sick. Plus, any wild animal could be infected with rabies, which you definitely don’t want. Additionally, all wildlife will contaminate your food and possible leave droppings all over your home.

In order to remove the possibility of spoiled food, a ruined home, and sickness, you need to keep the wildlife where it belongs in Oregon: In the wild.

Four Steps to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

So now that we’ve established why you need to keep wildlife out of your home, let’s discuss how you can make that happen. There are a few steps that will make it harder for wildlife to get into your Salem and Portland home. Our top four picks are listed down below.

1. Keep your trash locked up tight.

The first step in keeping wildlife from getting into your home is to make your home less appealing. All wildlife, but most importantly rodents and raccoons, love searching for something to eat in your trash cans. If they cannot get into your trash because it is locked, then they will be less likely to come around your home.

2. Clean up the outdoors.

Large piles of leaves or brush right near your house may attract wildlife. Most wild animals need shelter as well as food. So, removing potential shelter from near your house is important for controlling the wild animal population.

3. Seal all entrances to your home.

We don’t just mean doorways and windows either. You need to make sure that wildlife of any size cannot enter your home. Animals can come in at any time. However, they will most likely want to find a way on our Pacific coast falls. Therefore, make sure every crack and crevice that could lead to your house is secured before cold weather comes. And, you will see a lot less wildlife in your house.

4. Call Squish Pest Control.

If you are seeing a lot of wildlife around your Portland and Salem yard or in your house, then you need to call the best professional pest control company that you can find. For the Portland and Salem area, that is Squish Pest Control. We provide same-day, weekend, and evening appointments at no extra charge to you. Plus, our estimates are always no obligation and free. You have nothing to risk, so call Squish Pest Control about keeping your Portland and Salem home free of wildlife today.

Title: How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Have pest problems? Then you likely need to call a good pest control company. However, before you do, you likely want to know how much their visit is going to cost. If you are new to purchasing pest control, you may have no idea how much pest control services will cost you. And, by the time you have an infestation, it is too late to shop around.

That is where this article helps. In it, we will discuss the main factors that affect the cost of pest control. Once you know these factors, it will be easy to find the best pest control company for your situation.

And, if you live in Salem or Portland, Oregon, you should call Squish Pest Control. We offer the best rates around for all pest control services.

Cost of Pest Control

As you might expect, a number of factors affect the cost of pest control. The frequency of the visit by a pest control technician. The size of your home. And, the pest being eradicated are all these are important factors that will affect the cost of pest control.

Frequency of Visit Cost
Monthly $40-50 per month
Every other month $50-60 per visit
Every four months $200-1000 per year
Once $150-250 per visit

The chart above illustrates the way that purchasing a package of pest control services for multiple months or a year at a time will save you money. If you choose a plan where the technician visits your home every month, you will only pay $40-$50 per visit. However, if you choose to just have pest control services when you need them, as one-off services, then the visit may cost between $150-$250.

In addition to the number of visits you schedule, the size of your home and the pest being exterminated will both affect the cost of pest control. Additionally, whether the pest is indoors or outdoors will also be an important factor.

In general, the larger your home, the more you will pay for pest control. A 1,500 square foot home will likely cost around $300 to receive pest control. The costs increase about $25-$50 for every additional square foot. Most normal, easy to exterminate pests, like ants, bees, wasps, and fleas cost between $100-$300 to remove for the 1,500 square foot home. But, if you have termites you will pay more. Angie’s List estimates that the majority of Americans spend around $1500 for termite treatment.

Reasons to Choose Squish Pest Control

If you live in the Salem and Portland area of Oregon, then you should contact Squish Pest Control to learn more about pest control costs for your specific situation. We offer free, no-obligation estimates. Therefore, you don’t even have to guess what the cost of pest control will be for you. Instead, let us do the work, and you can decide if you are ready for our services or not.

If you have a pest emergency in Salem and Portland, call Squish Pest Control. Our same day service, free estimates, and transparent pricing will put your mind at ease and make the decision to choose pest control an easy one. Call us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.

Title: What is the best pest control company near me?

No matter where you live, you will likely need to find the best pest control company near you at some point. But often there are a lot of options to choose from. You may be overwhelmed and wonder how to choose between all of the results for your area. Never fear. In this blog post, we will discuss how to find the best pest control company near you.

What to look for in a pest control company near you

The first thing to do when looking for a great pest control company near you is to figure out how to narrow down your options. Not all pest control companies are of the same quality. Therefore, you should consider the following factors when narrowing down your options.

  1. Closeness to you.
  2. Who the pest control company serves—residential properties, commercial properties, or both.
  3. Plan options and costs.
  4. The pest control company’s specialties. You can find out this information by reading reviews and visiting the company’s website.
  5. What do other people think? Read reviews and talk to people you know who use the pest control company. The more you find out how the company has done before, the better equipped you will be to make your final decision.

How to search for a pest control company

But how—you may be wondering—do you find the pest control companies near you, to begin with? In today’s technological age, the answer will likely be found on the internet. In fact, Google is a great way to get a general feel for the best pest control companies near you. You can find the companies you like, their websites, and see their position on a map all in one click.

Google is a great way to get a list of names, but it can be hard to find the best companies just using the search engine. Google results do not necessarily indicate which pest control company provides the best service. For that information, you need to go to dedicated review sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource for anyone willing to pay the subscription cost. Angie’s List is free but will have more general information and reviews about each pest control company.


Finding the best pest control company near you doesn’t have to be hard. But, you do want to be careful with whom you trust. You need to know that the pest control company you choose will get the job done and respect your home and property as well.

Homeowners in Salem and Portland, OR, should check out Squish Pest Control. We can exterminate a multitude of pests. Our experienced team is highly reviewed and respected throughout the community. Also, we are a family owned and operated pest control company, so you will not have to deal with large company bureaucracy from us. Call us any time for same day service, free quotes, and 100% guaranteed results.

Title: How to Get Rid of Mice

Mice may look cute, but they are a huge nuisance to have around your Salem and Portland, OR home. Mice can contaminate food and even spread disease. Plus, they seem to be Houdini’s in finding ways to get into your house.

Mice are nocturnal, so you may not see the animal often. However, if you find sign like their droppings, then you likely have a mouse problem. Follow the six tips for getting rid of mice in this article, and you will never have to worry about these annoying and dangerous pests again.

Six tips for getting rid of mice

No one wants mice in their Salem or Portland home. If you have a mice infestation, you will want to try out some of these tricks for getting rid of mice.

  1. Store your food in sealable containers. Mice love our food, and easily accessible food is their favorite. If you have cereals, granola bars, chips, etc. in your kitchen and pantry, then you may want to consider using plastic. Plastic containers are hard for mice to get into, and so they will keep mice from contaminating your food and make your home less attractive. It’s a win-win.
  2. Use traps. There are a variety of mouse traps available. You should find the most humane way to kill the mice as possible, so we’d recommend staying away from the traditional glue traps. But otherwise, find a trap that works for your home and situation, and you will significantly reduce your mouse population.
  3. Keep your Portland and Salem home as clean as possible. This tip is related to our number one way to get rid of mice. The cleaner your home, the harder it will be for mice to find food, water, and hiding places. Cleaning your home to prevent mice involves picking up piles of clothes and laundry, vacuuming regularly, and doing the dish/putting away food.
  4. Seal up all entrances and exits you can find. Mice are geniuses at finding ways into your home. But, because they are a rodent, they are larger than many insect pests. This means that you can likely find many of their entrances and exits to your home. You may also want to follow their droppings to their nesting site. Sealing up the accessible areas means that mice can’t find a way into your home, which stops your mouse problem.
  5. Get a pet. Cats are most often linked to mouse catching. However, some dogs will do this as well. If you want a mousing dog, you should do some research to find a breed made for hunting. Their prey drive will kick in without a problem, and your home will become much less interesting to mice.
  6. Your best bet for getting the mice out of your Salem and Portland home is to hire a mouse removal specialist. Professionals know how to find the hidden areas of entry used by mice. In Salem and Portland, your best bet is Squish Pest Control. We offer same day inspections and quotes. So, call our experienced team at Squish Pest Control and let us solve your mouse problem for you.

Title: How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes are super annoying. And, not only that, mosquitoes can spread diseases like the Zika Virus or malaria. Because of this, mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. Don’t let mosquitoes made your summer in Salem and Portland, OR non-existent, do everything you can to get ride of them this summer.

How to exterminate mosquitoes

It is impossible to completely eradicate mosquitoes. However, there are a few steps that you can take that will mostly get rid of them this summer. The following tips explain the best solutions to your Portland and Salem mosquito problem.

Remove all standing water

Standing water attracts mosquitoes because they lay their eggs in it. You do not what to host a mosquito-making factory, which is why it is important to remove all standing water. Standing water includes any type of water that does not move. You may also want to ask your neighbors to dump out their standing water as well. Doing this step as a united front is important for removing mosquitoes from your entire neighborhood.

Use mosquito repelling plants

Citronella, lavender, basil, lemon balm, and marigolds are all natural, mosquito repelling plants. If you add them to your landscaping, your yard will be much less appealing to mosquitoes. Plus, most of the plants listed above smell amazing to humans, and many can be used in cooking as well. Therefore, if you want both mosquito repelling and beautiful plants try this step out.


If you have up to 24 hours to remove the mosquitoes from your yard, then you should try a mosquito spray. These products are often call pretreatments. They will not kill the mosquitoes for good. But, they will clear out your yard in preparation for a party or barbeque, which is a great short-term solution this summer.

Use mosquito repelling candles

Mosquito repelling candles can also make your yard less appealing to the insects, just on a smaller scale than plants or spraying. Candles are a great option for people who like to eat outside. You can put the candle on an outdoor table and light it whenever you’re ready to sit down. Then the mosquitoes are much less likely to bother you as you eat.

Kept your yard clean and cut

Keeping your grass cut, hedges trimmed, and trees cut back will go a long way towards removing mosquitoes from your Salem and Portland yards this summer. Mosquitoes like to hide in long grass or leafy areas. Therefore, the cleaner and neater your yard stay, the less places there are for mosquitoes to hide. This will make your yard less appealing and likely get rid of a large portion of your mosquito population.


There is one final way to remove mosquitoes from your yard this summer, and that’s hiring a professional company like Squish! Pest Control. Squish! Pest Control is a locally owned and operated Salem and Portland, OR company. We have a fully trained and licensed staff, emergency service, and our results are 100% guaranteed.

Additionally, we will always provide same day mosquito removal service and offer a free quote. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Squish! Pest Control. Contact us today and start enjoying your summer again.

Title: DIY vs. Professional Pest Control

If you are looking into pest control, you likely have a pest problem that you need to solve. Depending on the pest, you may think that DIY maybe your best and the most cost saving option. However, that may not be the case. Read on to learn all about DIY vs. professional pest control and their pros and cons.

DIY pest control

DIY (or do-it-yourself) pest control can take many different forms for people living in Salem and Portland, OR. You could use plants or other natural solutions to control the pests in your yard. You could put out rodent traps, ant traps, or spray for pests in your home. You may just keep a handy bottle of Off around.

All of these types of DIY pest control are valid and can work reasonably well. But, DIY pest control has cons as well as pros. Read on to find out more.



Professional pest control

Professional pest control services, like Squish! Pest Control in Portland and Salem, OR, are professional whom you pay to remove unwanted pests from our home and yard. These professionals are typically very experienced and licensed. All you have to do is set up an appointment and watch them work.

Like DIY pest control, professional pest control comes with its own pros and cons.




If you decide to go with a professional pest control company and you live in Salem and Portland, OR, you should call Squish! Pest Control. We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services. Plus, our staff is all fully licensed and trained. You will never have to wonder at our effectiveness or worry about our professionalism.

DIY pest control is a completely valid option for small pest problems. But, if you have a large infestation, you need a professional pest control company. Call Squish! Pest Control today and learn what we can do for you.