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How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

Wildlife is wonderful. In the wild. No one wants wildlife in their Salem or Portland home. By wildlife, we do not just mean deer and raccoons, but also birds, squirrels, and other rodents. Essentially anything that should remain outside can be considered wildlife.

Oregon is known for its wildlife, so if you want to keep wildlife out of your home, you need to read this article. In it, we will lay out the best steps for keeping all wildlife out of your Salem and Portland home. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Should I Keep Wildlife Out of My Home?

Okay, we know the answer to this question is probably self-evident. However, it is worth mentioning why you need to keep wildlife out of your Salem and Portland home.

The biggest reason is that most wildlife can spread disease. Rodents, especially, are known for their ability to make humans sick. Plus, any wild animal could be infected with rabies, which you definitely don’t want. Additionally, all wildlife will contaminate your food and possible leave droppings all over your home.

In order to remove the possibility of spoiled food, a ruined home, and sickness, you need to keep the wildlife where it belongs in Oregon: In the wild.

Four Steps to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

So now that we’ve established why you need to keep wildlife out of your home, let’s discuss how you can make that happen. There are a few steps that will make it harder for wildlife to get into your Salem and Portland home. Our top four picks are listed down below.

1. Keep your trash locked up tight.

The first step in keeping wildlife from getting into your home is to make your home less appealing. All wildlife, but most importantly rodents and raccoons, love searching for something to eat in your trash cans. If they cannot get into your trash because it is locked, then they will be less likely to come around your home.

2. Clean up the outdoors.

Large piles of leaves or brush right near your house may attract wildlife. Most wild animals need shelter as well as food. So, removing potential shelter from near your house is important for controlling the wild animal population.

3. Seal all entrances to your home.

We don’t just mean doorways and windows either. You need to make sure that wildlife of any size cannot enter your home. Animals can come in at any time. However, they will most likely want to find a way on our Pacific coast falls. Therefore, make sure every crack and crevice that could lead to your house is secured before cold weather comes. And, you will see a lot less wildlife in your house.

4. Call Squish Pest Control.

If you are seeing a lot of wildlife around your Portland and Salem yard or in your house, then you need to call the best professional pest control company that you can find. For the Portland and Salem area, that is Squish Pest Control. We provide same-day, weekend, and evening appointments at no extra charge to you. Plus, our estimates are always no obligation and free. You have nothing to risk, so call Squish Pest Control about keeping your Portland and Salem home free of wildlife today.

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Josh from squish pest has been helping keep us ant free for a couple of yrs now and they are amazing always helpful if something comes up or we have any questions. Prices very reasonable. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of pest control.

  • December 5th, 2019

Great locally owned service. Reliable response times. Friendly service techs.

  • January 17th, 2019

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